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Producer, mixer and writer

Want to take your music to the next level?

Hi and Welcome!

Are you looking for someone to produce, co-produce or mix your songs? Than you’re on the right spot. I’d love to help you take your music to the next level. 

Click the button below to listen to some of the music I’ve produced and mixed.



My production philosophy is to adapt the production after the song. Preserving and enhancing the essence of the song. Modern and innovative.


Larger than life. To me a mix should be punchy, powerful and interesting without disturbing the song


My niche is to produce tracks but I like to be involved in the melodies and lyrics as well. I think the harmony and feeling of the song should reflect the lyrical content. Tip: read the books of Pat Pattison and watch his seminar about songwriting. You’ll be amazed!

Some of my work

Tre Gånger
The Power of Equality

Let’s Start Something new
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Don’t be afraid to contact me! I won’t charge you for talking 😉